Jed Sheckley

Ginger, Jed Sheckley's RotweilerJed Sheckley, Owner of The Dog House, has been involved with dogs all his life. At age 13, Jed got his own collie puppy and handled every aspect of Cody's training and care.  They grew up together as a team for the next 12 years.

At age 15 Jed started a successful dog walking service in New York City.  4 years later he moved to Providence R.I. In Providence Jed  worked for 4+ years at Classic Clips Pet Salon In Wayland Square, the last 3 years of which he was Manager.  Jed left Classic Clips to operate his own walking/petsitting service on the East Side.He also became a Certified Dog Trainer at The Animal Behavioral College. As part of his education with ABC School, Jed worked as a trainer at Petco in Seekonk, Mass.                                                      

After gaining a wealth of experience in many different areas of dog care, Jed decided to open a canine facility offering Daycare, Dog Walking, and Boarding done the right way. Jed opened The Dog House in 2006 at age 28.

"I feel fortunate to earn a living doing what I love. I truly love and understand dogs, and they seem to love and understand me.Having a doggie daycare and working with dogs everyday is to me the best job in the world,I get to bring my own dog to work and then I get to  play with dogs all day." 


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Ginger's story                    

          When I first heard of ginger she was living at the almost home rescue, a rescue specializing in Rottweilers.  Her owners had just lost their house and had to give her up, she had a brother who got adopted before her.  She was being fostered at the rescue but her future was uncertain. Rottweilers can be very hard to adopt.  After  spending a weekend with ginger I had to adopt her.  That was  three years ago. In the beginning ginger was a little rough around the edges but through training,love, exercise and dedication she has grown to be the best dog.  
            It is with a heavy heart that I have to update this story .Ginger lost her battle with a very agressive form of cancer.The cancer spread very quickly from her front leg  to her back leg and she was gone way to soon at the age of 8.Though my time with her was cut way to short I am still thankful that she rescued me and the time that we spent together was life changing and will never be forgotten.     
Introducing Parker ! Parker is a two year old English bulldog that I adopted.  
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