"If you want the best seat in the house ... move the dog."

The Dog House - Walking Services

Dog Walking

Dog Walking Service for Busy People
Dog walking services are helpful for pet owners who are out of the house for an extended time, such as people who work long days. Many owners of large, energetic breeds that need additional exercise, find that a daily walking service means the difference between a happy dog and one who is frustrated and destructive.

Difficulties Getting Out of the House
Many people who employ dog walkers need the help to look after their pets when they are confined to bed or recovering from an illness. When owners are unable to walk their dogs, a professional dog walking service can provide a huge relief. 

Dog Walkers from The Dog House
A staff member from The Dog House will come to your home on an arranged regular basis, or as needed, and walk your dog. The walk lasts 20-30 minutes (depending on the weather, and the size and age of the dog). 

The Difference in Employing a Professional
As a Certified Trainer, Jed knows that proper walking behavior is the essence of the entire dog/master relationship.  A by-product of these walks is a calmer, well-behaved companion. 

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