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Dog Daycare 

Why Too Much Alone Time is Bad
Many dogs spend long hours at home alone (sometimes crated), lacking canine as well as human contact. We believe most common pet problems (such as hyperactivity and separation anxiety) are caused by inactivity and boredom.

How We Help Your Dog Be a Good Dog
Doggy daycare provides exercise, supervised play and socialization in a caring and safe environment.  Dogs are separated into two playrooms where they are matched with dogs of similar size and energy level with a staff member always watching. During daycare hours dogs are taken out in our enclosed outdoor area every hour for fresh air and bathroom breaks.

Dogs Just Wanna Be in Our Pack!
Dogs learn how to coexist in a pack (their natural way) with staff members always serving as leaders to ensure safety and control. It's an opportunity to use their excess energy in a positive way and enjoy just being dogs again. When day's end comes -- after exercising, playing, and socializing -- you'll return home with a relaxed and content dog who is a pleasure to be with.  And ready for a good night's sleep...

Hours:  Monday – Friday 7:30 AM - 6:30 PM

(Closed for Daycare: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas)

Required Evaluation

All new dogs must first pass an evaluation before participating in day care or boarding at The Dog House. An evaluation usually lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.  Evaluations are required to screen for aggression and excessive barking. All dogs must be crate trained in order to board overnight.

Veterinary Records 
Dogs must up to date on all of their shots which include Rabies, Parvo, Distemper, Bordetella, (kennel cough) and you will be asked to provide your dog’s veterinary information. At the time of the evaluation we ask that each new client fill out three pages of information providing us with your owner’s contact information, your dog’s information and lastly an insurance waiver (The Dog House is insured by The Pet Sitter’s Association). After passing evaluation, we keep a permanent file for your dog, and you will be able to bring in your dog anytime during our daycare hours, no appointment necessary. All overnight boarding visits must be scheduled in advance. 

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